Carolyn Ratteray

A scene from The Mountaintop by Katori Hall with Gilbert Glenn Brown

Carolyn Ratteray shooting Riley Parra Season 2.

Carolyn Ratteray and Debra Jo Rupp in The Cake at The Geffen Playhouse

Lets Meet

I'm an actor, director, teacher, and creator based in Los Angeles, California.  Hailing from Washington DC, I received my BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a double major in Africana Studies and my MFA from the Old Globe in San Diego.  I have worked in off-broadway and regional theatres as well as in television and commercials. Inspired by my deep love of physical comedy and theatrical clown, I've been hard at work developing my solo show which examines the metaphysical dilemma of clowning as a woman of color. Currently, I'm a Resident Artist at A Noise Within Theatre and Antaeus Theatre Company in Los Angeles and I teach acting at Pomona College in Claremont, CA.


I'm going to the Daytime Emmys!!

I received an

Outstanding Supporting Actress nomination for my work as

Caitlin Priest in Riley Parra season 2, now streaming on Tello Films!

Thank you for your fearless leadership Christin Baker, Geonn Cannon and Kitty Swink!!!!

A few reviews....

" her credit, Ratteray keeps the character smart and funny, with touching depth of feeling in her relationship with Jen"
The Cake-Echo Theatre Company

-LA Times

"Carolyn Ratteray starts things off with a breathtaking delivery of the opening speech by the ghost of Polydorus, Hecuba's youngest son. She later returns as Polyxena, Hecuba's daughter, who is turned into a human sacrifice. It takes a while before any of the other actors match Ms.Ratteray..."
Hecuba-Pearl Theatre Company

- NY Times

"Now at the Pasadena Playhouse, one can experience a profound and polished production of Shaw's original play, as originally written. For those sure they are familiar with the piece, this can prove revelatory...Carolyn Ratteray has deeply comic moment as Clara...."

Pygmalion, Pasadena Playhouse

-Stage Struck

"Carolyn Ratteray's witty stepmother Elmire...are among the standouts amid a laudable ensemble..."
Tartuffe-A Noise Within

-LA Times

“But the biggest praise goes to and the biggest laughs came from Ratteray in this reviewer’s favorite scene. No spoilers.”
Tartuffe-A Noise Within